Our playgroup philosophy is to be able to support the curiosity of the children or to awaken and give them answers in the form of personal experiences. If the child is allowed to lend a hand, it recognizes the relationships better. The development of the senses as well as the creativity and self-confidence are promoted so automatically, which has a positive effect on his whole life career.

We are playful and thematically with the help of stories and different materials. We also go for a walk or even play on the playground in front of the house depending on the weather condition.

Our bilingual Playgroup Doodle House allows children to understand the other language in a playful detail, without pressure to perform.


Entry is possible at any time , provided that a free space is still available. By the way, we offer a sibling discount and a healthy morning snack or afternoon snack that you do not have to worry.

You can send us the completed registration form (german PDF) immediately by email or post or after a half day trial (reservation required).

Parents are required to read and follow our Terms and Conditions (german PDF), it contains important information about our company, enrollment cost, insurance, termination, etc.

For questions and inquires, just give us a call or send us an email (spielgruppe-doodlehaus[a]gmx[dot]ch).